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This halo was designed to be placed on hair that is tied down/secured for best fit, placement, and security. A lot of people with textured or thicker hair can wear this halo on loose hair, without the aid of additional hair clips or bobby pins. In any case, if you feel you need additional support for the halo, bobby pins and clips will definitely help keep it in place.

This halo is the same dimensions and construction as the one the model is wearing in the video, but with glitter and a broken section.

It features a plastic hair comb and sparkling glitter. The halo is suspended by black wires. It is a perfect accessory if you are trick-or-treating, in a theatrical production, photo shoot or nativity play.

See the other halo designs available in the shop.

Hair comb measures 3.5" wide and 2"tall
The halo hoop measures 8" wide in diameter
The hoop is rounded and is 1/4" thick

Feel free to ask questions. I am only a click away!

Broken Angel Halo | Fallen Angel | Alice Angel Cosplay

PriceFrom $39.95
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